Early Childhood Education

Discovery Place Preschool

Welcome to the wonderful world of preschool education! Our classrooms are set up to be developmentally appropriate for three, four, and five-year-olds. For three-year-olds, we have a two-mornings per week option and a three-mornings per week option. For our 4's/5's classes, we have a five-day program either in the morning or afternoon Monday -Friday. Please see the complete schedule online or in our current brochure. Our program is a four-star rating from the Minnesota Parent AWARE program. The "Learning Targets" we focus on are listed at the bottom of this page.


Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) is a program which serves caregivers and their child(ren). We offer a variety of classes, events and services to all families with children from birth up to 2nd grade age. We have something for ALL families with young children.

At ECFE, you will find a fun, informal place to meet and learn with other parents. Your children will enjoy a special time with you as well as learning and playing with others. A parent or grandparent attends class with the child. Both parents are welcome if it works in your schedules. The other part of the class includes parenting time, either included in the same classroom with your child or in a different classroom. You can find more information on our Facebook Page or by clicking the link to the right.

Our Center is at Fairmont Elementary School, 714 Victoria St., Fairmont, MN 56031. Our phone is (507) 235-6205 or you may contact us at:  mrosen@fairmont.k12.mn.us

Early Childhood Learning Targets

Approaches to learning

  • Curiosity

  • Risk Taking

  • Imagination

  • Persistence

Physical & Motor Development

  • Gross Motor Development

  • Fine Motor Development

  • Physical Health & Well Being

Creativity & the Arts

  • Creating

  • Responding

  • Evaluating

Social Emotional Development

  • Self-Concept

  • Social Competence & Relationships

Language & Literacy Development

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Emergent Reading

  • Emergent Writing

Cognitive Development

  • Mathematical & Logical Thinking

  • Scientific Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Social Systems Understanding