Skyward Family Access

Thank You for using Parent Access! We hope that this is a useful communications tool for you and your children who are attending the High School and Five Lakes.

Following are some of the key components of the Family Access Web Portal:

  • Attendance - Parents are able to both look at the attendance records of their children and to enter attendance absence requests in stead of calling the office. You can also email the attendance secretary with questions or concerns.
  • Student Schedules – This component allows you to see your child’s schedule, get information about classes and contact teachers. Teachers can post information about classes including reminders about assignments and upcoming events so this is a place that parents may wish to check on a regular basis.
  • Grades – Mid-quarter, quarter and semester final grades will be posted in this area as scheduled. Progress reports are available to parents as soon as teachers officially post assignments. Please keep in mind that progress reports are designed to help you see if your child is keeping up with the work assigned. Grades are calculated as assignments are posted but these grades tend not to be a very accurate reflection student progress until about mid-quarter time. Grades can change greatly from day to day especially when there are just a few less significant assignments posted.
  • Parent Email Posting – Teachers are able to email parents if parents post their email address in the Parent Access system. Please check your email address to make sure it is accurate or enter/edit your email address if you would like teachers to be able to contact you using email
  • Calendar and Message Center - Teachers, coaches, advisors and administrators will be posting information for students and parents.

Following is some information that teachers at the High School would like to make parent aware of as they look up student grade reports:

The Skyward grade-book System is a tool to give parents a general idea of how their child is doing in class. The grade is only accurate at the end of the grading period when all assignments have been entered and weighted.

Following is a list of items parents should consider when analyzing the grade-book.

Missing Assignments:

  • What is the due date? Often an assignment marked as missing is not overdue. It is a “heads up” to parents that the assignment was given and not yet turned in, but not necessarily overdue. Check due dates on missing assignments.
  • What is the point value of the assignment? Often times the point value is only a few points which is a minor factor in the overall grade. These assignments are sometimes challenge exercises or participation points missed due to an absence. In some cases it is impossible for the student to make up those assignments; however, they have a limited impact on the overall grade.
  • Your child might tell you that he/she recently turned in a missing assignment; however, it still appears as missing in a teacher’s grade book. Remember that teachers only have a limited amount of time per day to prepare for classes and grade papers. A teacher’s main focus is to teach the current lesson. It may take several days for the teacher to grade missing assignments and enter scores in the grade book. If you still have concerns on whether or not your child has actually turned the assignment in, a quick e-mail to the teacher should answer that question.
  • * Means than an assignment has been given but not yet graded. Please check the due date to determine when the assignment should be handed in. Allow teachers a week past the due date to grade assignments and enter them in the gradebook.
  • HING (Handed In Not Graded) If this code appears under Special Codes, it means that an instructor needs more than a week to grade the assignment.
  • 0 Means the student received no points on the assignment. If this assignment appears in the list of missing assignments or is followed by a checkmark in the gradebook, it can still be turned in for partial credit. If the assignment does not appear under missing assignments and there is no checkmark in the gradebook, it is too late to hand in.
  • No Count – a checkmark in the No Count box means that the assignment will not be counted towards the grade – it does not count against or for the grade.
  • Some teachers feel that the 24/7 reporting system may give parents and children a false impression of their performance early in a grading period since the grade may be based merely on handing in assignments, not an assessment of whether or not the student has mastered content being taught

Using the Skyward grade-book at FJSH is a relatively new venture for teachers and administration. It is better than “the good old days” when the parent, teacher, and child really never knew what the grade was until manual calculations were made at the end of the quarter. At FJSHS we are constantly trying ways to make the reporting system of help to parents without being too confusing. Although we have made a great deal of progress in this past year, we have a long way to go! If you have a question, contacting teachers via e-mail is the best way for a fast response