CER/Cutting Edge  Fitness

Invitation from Community Education and Recreation and Fairmont Cutting Edge 

Fairmont Community Education and Recreation is partnering with Cutting Edge Fitness
in Fairmont to coordinate referrals through Martin County Schools. Please thoughtfully
consider a low-income student and/or family from your community or school who will be
diligent in using this amazing opportunity and contact CER (507-235-3141) with your
recommendation. An individual student year membership is valued at $495.00 and a family
year membership is $759.00. You may use the attached application to help you in your
referrals. Confidentiality in this will be respected and important to all so please contact
Stephanie Busiahn at Fairmont CER (507-235-3141) with questions or concerns.

“Cutting Edge Fitness recognizes that not every student in Martin County has the
opportunity to utilize our gym in order to stay active and healthy, due to many different
circumstances, finances being one of them. We would like to help with that for some of the
students and their families in our area. Cutting Edge Fitness would like to offer 20 students and
families an annual membership to our facility, based on the recommendation of their school
counselor. Cutting Edge hopes that this will assist in getting families out enjoying time together
and staying healthy!”